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Don't Waste Hours of Your Life Looking for HTML Tag Balance
When HTML Code Check Can Do It In Seconds!

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Oh those tags can make you want to pull your hair out.  Sound familiar?

HTML coding for web page can be a daunting task to complete, even with software that allegedly does it all for you. Many such packages claim that you don't need to know any html coding but the fact remains, when you want to do something a little beyond the "templates" that are provided, then you must know something about code - specifically html code.

One of the most important things a novice at programming in html code must do is check the tags.  Tags are symbols or a combination of symbols that always come in pairs.  Even very experienced programmers can make mistakes, especially when the source code gets very lengthy.  One small tag, such as a > can affect the rendering of your web page  The rendering we refer to is how your web page actually looks in a browser.

You need something, whether a novice or experienced programmer, that check html code does.  Simply put, you need HTML Code Checker.

Stop wasting your life trying to find out if your source code has matching tags!  You might know what I'm talking about - those <H1>, <H2>,..., <H6> tags with corresponding </H1>, <H2>,...,</H6> tags.  Let's not even talk about the <table> that has other embedded <table> tags.

Finally there is a software program that can help YOU whether you are new to html programming or a seasoned professional that actually is an HTML error checker that tests your HTML coding for web page.

Buy htmlcodecheck now.

Simple things like <P> and the corresponding </P> can take literally hours to find on a page of code and then check correspondence of open and closing tags.  This is especially true when these tags are embedded within other tags. 

Are the tags in balance, meaning, for example, that for one <TABLE> there is a corresponding </TABLE>?  If not, you might have a problem or two in the design of your page and again, the page will not render properly.

Things like the pairs of open and closing tags can become a nightmare when there are hundreds of lines of html code for your page.  You have no doubt wasted many hours just searching your code to see where there might be a closing tag missing in your source code.  A real pain, right?

From the Desk of Wayne A. Strnad

Dear Fellow Programmer or HTML novice,

I've been programming computers for more than 40 years.  Yes, the computers of that time were rather primitive by today's standards - after all, you had to run a program via a "card punch" system, actually called a Hollerith card. 

For a little historical perspective, you might like to look at the development and implementation of this by visiting this link.

Back then, if the keypunch operator (usually you) missed a punctuation mark, parenthesis, or anything like a ; at the end of the line then the program was rejected.  You'd have to go through your source file - a stack of cards that could be literally hundreds or even thousands of cards - just to find one error.  If you had the personal experience in programming with Fortran, Cobol or other such languages then you know, from experience, exactly what I'm talking about. 

Despite such pain-staking work, programming can be quite a rewarding experience because you basically can get feedback to see if your code runs or not.  Either it works or it doesn't.  The diagnosis is usually not something that you might like - like a line number where the error occurred.  Remember the first version of C that was created at Bell Labs by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie?  Here is a historical link for your enjoyment.

Yes, it's all a file.  You simply compile it and then... it might run.  Absolutely no feedback if it compiled correctly, except the familiar C:\ prompt,  and next to nothing in feedback if it didn't compile.  The error might be in the line above or two lines (or more) above where the compiler output told you the error occurred.  Sometimes you might get some criptic output to boot.  Those were the days. 

Fast forward to today....

Fortunately today things are slightly different.  Usually good software (compilers) will give some indication of where a problem is so that you can repair it.

Unfortunately, html program code is not helpful in those regards.  When you "go live" with the source code, you test in a browser. 

However, what you see is not necessarily

what you want to get.

Where's the bug?

The problem becomes a nightmare when something goes wrong, like missing a tag.  It could make the whole page layout look terrible, despite the many hours of work you put into the page.  Now you can stop worrying about balanced tags because there is a software package that does a balance check of the tags that are most often used.  In fact, HTML Code Checker allows you to create your own customized searches for tags you define!

With the HTML Code Checker you can:

  • Check for the most common tag pairs right from the start
  • Build your own tag check list
  • Create any number of tag check lists
  • Get a report that shows the exact location in your code of where your tags and corresponding closing tags are located

It does not matter how long the source code is either.  Within seconds you'll be able find out exactly what is not in balance and it does it for every tag your file tells the program to search for in your source.  Here is a sample output from HTML Code Check.

Not only that, you can see the exact line where the tag appears and how far over it is from the beginning of the line.  In the figure above, look at </body tag on Line 782 and then look at the dashes followed by | on the line below.

As an added bonus that is built right into the software, you can check your asp files, php files or any file that is a text file and can be opened in a simple text editor like notepad.

What's it going to cost YOU to make YOUR life easier and Save Your Time that you never can replace?

If you use this program once and it saves you less than an hour, YOU already made up the cost of this fantastic software.  But I'm going to make it even better than that.

Order right now and I'll take off $30 from the Suggested Retail Price and that's all YOU pay is the very low price of

Plus YOU get My Iron Clad Guarantee

 Yes, you have a full 60-day money back guarantee.  So what are you waiting for?     

Buy htmlcodecheck now.

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